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North America

Neahkahnie Mountain

Neahkahnie Mountain a really awesome hike with an EPIC view at the top! The view is where mountains meet the beach - as far as the eye can see! But keep reading because there's a spot where most...

Tamanawas Falls

A great day trip if you're in the Mt. Hood area! Tamanawas Falls is a really great hike - a well marked trail with an amazing waterfall at the end! AND, you can walk behind the waterfall without...

The Ultimate PNW Map!

Hate to referring to multiple maps just to plan your PNW weekend adventure? Here's ONE map, with everything amazing! Great hikes, free camping, where you can drive onto the beach, mountains for...

World vs. USA

No matter what incredible sight you want to see around the globe to check off of your bucket list, I bet you there is something similar to it in the US! America really does have it all.

American vs. British English

One would think that speaking English to another native English speaker would be 100% natural... Well, it's not when there are so many words that are completely different! Here is a list to help you!