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The Ultimate PNW Map!

If you’re like me, then you LOVE to travel, take weekend adventures, and hate to refer to 12 different websites and maps in order to get relevant information! So here’s my solution for all you PNW adventure enthusiasts: ONE map, with everything amazing! Great hikes, free camping, where you can drive onto the beach, mountains for skiing/snowboarding, hot springs, great surfing, etc.!

★ Star the map and save it for later so you can view it when you’re on the road!

Pick and choose which layers are important to you! If you don’t ski or snowboard, simply “turn off” that layer.

• It’s this button  at the top left

• If you ★/save it and open it up later on a smart-phone, then you should see a message when you first open the map which says “VIEW MAP LEGEND” – click on that and choose your layers.

📌 If you know of an epic location that you think should be on the map, please comment below and I’ll add it! Let’s make research easier so we can spend more time outside =)

 Map Key 


Sites & Sleep


Some of the best hikes in the area! Great views at the final destination!



Camping is great, and camping for free is even better. Here are some FREE camping spots!


Paid Camping Grounds

Most people don’t camp like I do, and I understand that. Most people need toilets, showers, and other modern amenities… so here are some camp ground options.

Ski / Snowboard

Stevens Pass Powder Alliance

The Powder Alliance is a group of ski resorts that allow season pass holders to enjoy other resorts as well at no cost – it’s completely free and included with the season pass.

Warren Miller Ent’ Freebies

Resorts included in the WM Entertainment giveaways for the PNW.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen my many suggestions to get yourself to the Warren Miller Film! For $20-something you get a TON of free lift tickets, BOGO deals, discounts on ski/board repairs, etc. Great deal!

Both Powder Alliance & WME

If you find yourself at one of these resorts, then take your pick at which freebie to use! So many options for free stuff!


All other ski resorts in the area. Still great places to go skiing / snowboarding – just no coupon associated with it (that I know of).

Hot Springs


These hot springs are completely free – just hike in and there’ll be a hot spring at the end of the trail awaiting for your arrival. What a treat at the end of a hike, huh?

My (FREE) Favorites!

My favorites are always free, and epic!



These hot springs will have a fee.


Unknown Status

These hot springs are a mystery! I haven’t been to them, but Google searches show they exist.

If you go / have been to one of these unknown hot springs, please comment below and let me know the deal so I can update the map =)


Drive On!

Beach access roads that allow you to drive directly onto the beach.

Note: The same road rules apply, and there’s no camping on these beaches (unless you see a camping icon)


Not all beaches are great for surfing… but these are!


Non-Surfing Beaches

Beaches are just as fun even if you’re not surfing! Drinking beer and getting tan? Sounds good to me! Here’s are some beaches that are worth checking out – great views and perfect for just laying around!

Other Coastal Destinations

There are really rad towns and and other things along the coast besides beaches. These are a few sites/towns to check out – even if just for a quick bite to eat or a few pictures.


Truck Stops

This layer might only be used by me, but I thought I’d share this info’ with everyone regardless because I really believe more people (especially those who are traveling long-term, cross-country), should take advantage of truck stops.

These trucks stops have showers (usually around $5-$12) so if you’ve been on the road for a bit and are in need of a good scrub (and grub), then these truck stops are the perfect stop!

Ultimate Truck Stops!

Free WiFi, hot private showers, and overnight parking!

If you’re going to stop at a tuck stop, these are the top picks because you can enjoy a hot shower, and then relax for the night with free parking and free WiFi.





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