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Preikestolen, Norway

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A great day hike!  604 m (1,982 ft) above sea-level and straight down!

“Preikestolen” translates to “The Preacher’s Pulpit”… If you take a look at the cliff, you’ll see why.  Preikestolen looks like an enormous lecture podium – it’s flat on top, straight down over the side, and almost perfectly rectangular.

Standing near the edge is terrifying; and I don’t have a fear of heights at all!  The human body is designed to protect itself, and you’ll notice this just watching people… Someone will start to make their way to the edge like it’s nothing, and about 15 feet away from the edge, everyone starts to get lower and lower until their literally doing an army crawl just to see over the edge!

In the U.S., there’d be a railing, a few panes of glass, and 89 warning signs to stay away.  Well, not in Norway!  It’s nature – use common sense and be careful! :)

Forsand, Norway


Preikestoken from the bottom [via boat]:


Preikestoken from the top [via hiking]:


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