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Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown kind of reminded me of Breckenridge, Colorado: very laid-back, cafes, hip and trendy local places to eat and grab a drink, fire pits on the sidewalks for restaurant customers to stay warm, mountains surrounding the town, night life, etc etc.



Take the gondola to the top of the hill in town and enjoy Queenstown like the birds do!  A round-trip ticket is NZ$25 or buy one-way ticket and enjoy the nice walk down through the woods.


Best Burgers in Town

Check out Ferg Burger when you’re there… best burgers in town: HUGE and, in comparison to everything else in Queenstown, not expensive at all [NZ$10-NZ$14 for a great, out-of-the-ordinary burger].


Free Stay

If you’re planning to be in Queenstown, don’t want to stay in a hostel for about NZ$30 per person per night, and plan on having a tent with you, let me know and I can tell you where I pitched my tent in an amazing location!  This secret tent spot just a few steps from town, secluded, safe, and can not be seen from road!  I kept my tent there for three days/nights with my backpack and everything in it and it went unseen and untouched… This spot is so great because it’s so close to town that you can enjoy your night out on the town and then walk a few minutes back to your free little secret apartment waiting for your return.  Just email me with “FREE QUEENSTOWN CAMPSITE” in the subject and I’ll let in on my secret!




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