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The Redwood Forest, California


The Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world and a “must-see” at least once in your life.  These trees are absolutely enormous!  But perhaps something that is even more amazing about these trees is that the little area in California, USA is the ONLY place in the WORLD that has these trees…

1111 2nd St, Crescent City, CA 95531



(1) The California soil is rich and full of nutrients and (2) the coast is very moist and there is fog every day.  The moisture from the coast blows over to the giant trees and provides water to the tops of the trees.

Why is constant moisture important?

Well, any tree can pull water from the ground so far before it’s a fight against gravity; then it’s just not worth the effort for the tree…  This means that every other tree on the planet will reach a maximum height – and then the tree says “ok, I’m done growing, because if I get any taller, then I’ll actually have to work to get my food (to the top).”

But in this one particular place on the Californian-coast, these trees get enough water from the bottom AND the top… this keeps them growing strong, why they are so tall, and why other trees in the world can’t compete.


See me? I’m that little blue blob sitting on the base of the trunk!
These trees are unbelievable!


Redwood National Park is one of the few national parks in the U.S. that is free! However, camping in the park does cost money.  Loop-Hole: sleep in the car.  There are pull-offs throughout the park.



Of course there are many hikes in this park!  The biggest trees aren’t going to be right on the side of the road.  Enjoy a nice day-hike and see some giants hiding deep in the woods!



Although the Redwood trees are the TALLEST, they are not the BIGGEST (by volume).  The biggest tress in the world are located a bit south of the Redwoods in Sequoia National Park.  Sequoias are not the widest in the world, either!  I think the widest trees are somewhere in Africa… I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know when I get there and learn about them :)


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