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Santiago de Maria & Algería, El Salvador

El Salvador

El Salvador

El Salvador

Algería is a charming little town in the mountains of El Salvador. It’s a quaint little mountain town that is “real El Salvador,” as the locals told me…


Getting There

First, you’ll have to get to Santiago de Maria (a town on the main road). Take a bus, and then from Santiago de Maria you’ll need to take another bus to Algería. Once you’re in Santiago de Maria, just ask around and they’ll point you to another bus which then will go to Algería – this bus runs only once or twice per day so it’s important to get an early start from where ever you leave from. The buses only cost a few cents (around 25 or 35 cents) each.


Santiago de Maria

This town is not a bad place to wait for the bus because there’s a huge market and it has pretty much everything you can think of.

If you go there, definitely try to find the local women who sell donuts (I think there are two, who are related to each other). One woman stands on the street with the homemade donuts in a basket, while the other runs the store just around the corner; the donuts are AMAZING!! I bought a few and even saved one for the next day as my “birthday cake,” haha!  What a random place to be on your birthday, right?



Hostels » Once you’re there, there’s only a few options for hostels. I stayed in a place that didn’t even look like a hostel. Just ask around once you’re there and people will point you in the right direction.

The Market » Located in the center of town and has cute little things for tourists.


The Lagoon

“Laguna De Algería” is a lagoon nearby that a lot of people hike to. It’s… ok. I’m just being honest. If you’re pressed for time, then don’t feel bad skipping this – it’s nothing great. But if you’re bored, it’s has nice views getting there and it’s kind of interesting that his lagoon is inside a collapsed volcano (at least that’s what the locals told me).



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