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Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia  |  HOLE STORIES

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is a pretty cool city to hang out in… hostels are cheap and right in the city center, temples are close for exploring in the daytime, and the nightlife is really fun.


Cheap Accommodation

Tell your tuk-tuk driver that you want a cheap hotel that is not too far from the city center – there are a few hidden on side streets…  The one I stayed had a private room with two huge beds, 6 bathrooms to shares with other guests, and a bar/restaurant that was part of the “hotel”… and it was $5 per night.  Other people staying there paid $3 per night because they had been there the years before – customer loyalty privileges!

The Town

Siem Reap is a fun town to walk around in – everything is close together, walkable, and cheap.  There are markets, little cafes, restaurants, etc. to keep you entertained.

Nightlife / Pub Street

The main street in town, Pub Street, has a lot going on.  There are tons of interesting restaurants, bars [of every sort], clubs, live music, “lady-boys” singingcheap food and drinks with tables outside, etc.  For example, I was in a bar that had live music, a dance floor, cheap drinks, pool tables, a skate half pipe on the roof and hookah lounge area, and food!

The Night Market is also located right near Pub Street.  Go there for cheap dinner with lots of selections.


Angkor Temples

The famous Angkor Temples are located right outside of the city center.   There are amazing and definitely worth exploring!  CLICK HERE to see my Top 3 favorite temples of all the Angkor Temples!

Getting to the Temples

It would be a VERY long walk to walk to the temples so that’s out… another option is a tuk-tuk all day which you can get for about $12 per person.  You’ll have the tuk-tuk all to youselves and the driver will take you anywhere you’d like to go and wait for you while you are exploring each temple…  This is also another option that I decided to dismiss because (1) $12 per person is a lot in relation to everything else there and, (2) I like to take my sweet time with pictures and walking around…

DSC08555-1000 The best option is to rent a bicycle for $1.  The hotel I stayed in rented out bicycles for $1 each and they even came with a basket on the front for water bottles and such and also a bike lock [which is very important].

I saw other hotels renting bicycles for $2 or $3 which is still a good price to  have it for 24 hours and go EVERYWHERE around the city…  Next time, I might actually go with a $2 bike because my $1 bike broke!  As soon I started riding, it seemed a bit shaky but I continued riding…. I didn’t get more than 2 blocks when the front wheel literally fell off!!!! Good thing I wasn’t going fast at all or else that would have been a major issue.  It was funny when I walked back the 2 blocks to the hotel and had the bicycle in two hands!  They just laughed and let me take another one.  HAHA!






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