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Stryn Sommerski, Norway

The Drive


Summer Ski!

Stryn Sommerski
Open from late May to late June (usually)
10:30 – 16:00
Lift tickets are 499kr per day
Type of card needed is “Skidata”

Pictures from June 2022:

Where to Stay

Folven Adventure Camp
Camping: 175kr per person per night
Cabins: 1850kr for 4 people (~230kr per person per night)
The campsite has pizza and other food to buy from the food truck, as well as a mellow “after ski” with live music and other entertainment. It was a lot of fun!


Wear Sunscreen!
The sun is no joke! High altitude + reflection off the snow + summer season = burned faces! I forgot to wear sunscreen 1 day and my face was so incredibly burned that I hid all night at the campsite because I was so embarrassed!

Wear layers.
The temperature can change quite quickly when the sun hides – very hot to very cold in a minute. Also, at the campsite, it feels warmer in the valley when you arrive, but once the sunsets, the valley gets cold! Wool is always a good idea, even in the summer!




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