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South America Travel Planning


The following information is based on U.S. citizenship… If you’re from a country other than the U.S., view visa details HERE!

If you’re from the U.S. and want more information about the country and requirements for entry, click on the country for official U.S. government page and information.



Argentina  (90 days)
by land: free!
by air: $160 reciprocity fee
 Bolivia.  $135 (mult. entry for 5 years,
stay 90 days, up to 3 times per year)
+ yellow fever vaccine
+ bank statement
+ passport photos
+ onward ticket (if arriving by air)
 Brazil (Brasil) ~$140 reciprocity fee (only accepted payment
is a USPS money order made out to
“Consulate General of Brazil”)
Visa is good for 10 years!
+ onward ticket (plane or bus)
 Chile (up to 90 days)
by land: free!
by air: ~$140 reciprocity fee
Colombia (30, 60, or 180 day visas on arrival)
onward ticket (plane or bus)
proof of sufficient funds
[and Galapagos Islands]
 (90 days)
 .Falkland Islands  (3 months)
 French Guiana (France)  onward ticket
 Guyana  exit fee of $20 (90 days)
 Paraguay  (90 days)
 Peru  (30, 60, 90, 183 day visa on arrival)
multiple entry visa $45
OR, Peru lets you leave and re-enter for a new visa
 Suriname  (3 months)
 Uruguay  free! (90 days)
 Venezuela  No visa, 90 days



If you’re from the U.S., are looking up visa information, and can not find “United States” on the list of countries, look under the “E” section for “ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMERICA” – this is how you say “United States” in Spanish

South America





Some countries require a “departure tax” when you fly from their country to another.  Be prepared a head of time so you’re not running around looking for an ATM while you’re flight is boarding!

Bolivia = $25
Brazil = $40
Colombia = $75
Peru = $31 (int.), $6 (domestic)
Uruguay = $31 (int.), $17 (to Argentina)


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