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Tag - Asia

Buddha Park, Laos

If you’re looking for something to do while in the capital of Laos, then I would suggest checking out Buddha Park. It’s a little bit outside of Vientiane, so be prepared for about an hour drive… but it’s well worth it! Buddha Park is a park of both Hindu and Buddhist statues. It’s not an...

The Plain of Jars, Laos

One of the strangest places I've ever been, for sure. In the middle of nowhere in Laos, there are huge hallowed out rocks scattered all over this one area of the world, and, to this day, no one knows why!

Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa is, by far, my favorite place in Vietnam - it's a really cute and cozy mountain town. It is not a bustling city like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, but rather a relatively quiet town. The streets are hilly and small with locals markets and charming shops. The cafes are cute and cozy with...