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Buying/Selling a Campervan in Australia

Australia, if you haven’t noticed, is a big country – the more land to cover, the more time and transportation is needed.  However, Australia is a very expensive country so accommodation and transportation will cost you… Because of this, a lot of travelers that visit Australia buy a van...

Gas Prices Worldwide

Ever wonder how much you're paying at the pump when you're in a foreign country? Or perhaps even sitting at home you're curious as to what other people around the world pay to get to and from work. Check out my easy-to-read table of the gas prices I encountered when traveling in 2011-2012.

Driving on the Opposite Side

RED = right-side of the road, steering wheel on the left BLUE = left-side of the road, steering wheel on the right Whichever side of the road you’re used to driving on, it’s inevitable that if you travel a lot, you’ll come across a country that drives on the opposite side of the road from...

Relocation Cars

Are you the type of traveler that doesn’t have a set schedule or destination? Do you travel on a budget? Do you want a FREE car or camper van for your travels? This is the best kept secret that only a few travelers know about!

How to Live Out of Your Car

Whether for financial reasons or just for fun to try something different when traveling, sometimes living out of your car is the planned course of action.  If this is your plan, then my experience of living out of my Jeep for hardly any money at all for two weeks in New England would...