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Machu Picchu » Under $25

Everything you need to know about how to see Machu Picchu the BEST way possible! Whether you're a backpacker, or like to stay in hotels, I have a solution to fit every traveler's needs!

Find Inexpensive Accommodation!

Find ways to travel that incorporate where you're going to rest your head. If you can figure that out, you're set! And options aren't limited to just "hotel or hostel"... Get creative, save a ton of money, and see more of the world!

Find Cheap Flights!

Cheapest flights for where you want to go! Use this list of websites to help you plan your next getaway! Don't care where you go? Then fly anywhere!

Live a Routine Life From Out of Your Car!

Think about how little time you actually spend in your apartment… You’re paying for a place to “live”, but most of your time there is spent sleeping! Ever wonder what it would be like to life your same life, day-by-day, but from out of your car?! It's really not bad at all - Learn how to...

USA & Canada Road Trip!

Planning on taking a road trip through the U.S. and Canada? Learn everything you'll need to know to travel across the U.S. for as cheap as possible! How to sleep out of your car, where to shower, what to see, etc. You'll definitely want to check this out before your USA adventure!

Life-Style vs. Vacation

Ever read travel magazines or watch travel shows and wonder how travelers afford such a relaxing and luxurious life style all year-round? I bet you think that you need to win the lottery in order to travel and NOT work...and to NOT worry about expenses... Well, you're wrong. If you're...

Buying/Selling a Campervan in Australia

Australia, if you haven’t noticed, is a big country – the more land to cover, the more time and transportation is needed.  However, Australia is a very expensive country so accommodation and transportation will cost you… Because of this, a lot of travelers that visit Australia buy a van...