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Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is a mix of ancient buildings/ruins, and modern architecture. The restaurants and bars are very contemporary and stylish while churches and other older buildings are kept in their original state.

My Top Favorite Cities!

A running list of my top cities of all time!  Places that I’ve visited, didn’t want to leave, and could see myself seriously living there in the future! Or have lived there already because they’re so awesome! The list is in no particular order =) 📍 Trondheim...

London, England

Whether you’re into the historic side, or dig more modern scenes, London has is all: museums, pubs, night life, historic land marks, etc.   Do London Right! Here are some of the top (more touristy) things to see and do while in London: The Changing of the Guard – You...

Brussels, Belgium

Grand’ Place-Grote Markt. The main building in the center of the city.  People sit and hang out in front of it all day, eating ice cream and watching street performers.  I was asked, while standing in front of it admiring its grandeur, if I noticed that it wasn’t symmetrical.  Wow...

Malmö, Sweden

Apparently, Malmö has a lot of crime compared to the rest of Scandinavia; however, this little tid-bit blew my mind. I didn't get this feeling at ALL. Malmö is GORGEOUS! It's clean, I felt safe, the architecture is great, etc. Aesthetics-wise, it's definitely in my top 10 cities!

Las Vegas, NV, USA

[tb_google_map]    City, [State], Country: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA [aka “Vegas”] In a Nutshell:  Vegas is associated with being absolutely crazy in every way imaginable: gambling, drinking, dancing, sex, etc.  If you want a relaxing vacation, this is not the place to go. Entertainment: ...