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Best Re-Use of Coffee Cups – Australia

Do you contribute to the millions of coffee cups in the trash? Here is the best re-use of coffee cups, ever! Turn your used coffee cups into living, recycled art! Green, smart, lovely, AWESOME! Brought to you from Sydney, Australia!

The Delirium Café

The Delirium Café holds the Guinness World Record for the most beers offered with 2004, obtained in 2004. Today, they are pushing close to 2500! Get a group of friends and start sampling all kinds of beers! Beers range from tasting like dark chocolate covered strawberries to coconut beer...


Kava is a local drink in Fiji [non-alcoholic], a social event, and an experience all in itself!  Kava is a root that is grown in Fiji for six years, then dried for about a month, then smashed into a fine powder.  This powder is then placed in bag made of a material like cheesecloth...