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Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

Just off the coast of southern Cambodia, Koh Rong has the best island life! Spectacular beaches, hammocks, lying in the sun, eating, sleeping. and no internet. Paradise.

Bali, Indonesia

I like Indonesia, but there are some places that are definitely not for everyone. Are you more into partying or into relaxing and exploring? Find out which area of Bali is right for you!

Monuriki Island

If you want to visit the exact island where the movie "Cast Away" was filmed, be aware that there is an island named “Castaway” which is what the movie was named after but was NOT filmed there! A lot of people automatically assume that Castaway Island is the island where the movie was...


Fiji is a country that consists of 333 islands. The mainland is nothing great, but the other 332 islands are worth a visit. Enjoy making jewelry out coconut shells, fire dancing, island hopping, snorkeling, drinking Kava, scuba diving, spear fishing, visiting the island where Tom Hanks...

Hawaii, USA

The Hawaiian islands is a chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean formed by a hotspot under the ocean floor. Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. that is made up entirely of islands. The climate of the Hawaiian islands is like nothing else on Earth: every island is extremely...

Maui, Hawaii

In a Nutshell Maui is one the state of Hawaii’s islands.  Due to the over 10,000 foot extinct volcano combined with the island’s location in the Pacific Ocean, Maui has some extreme weather changes around the island.  Read more about Hawaii’s weather changes HERE. What to Do/See Rain...