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Tag - Life

“London Parkour 2010”

The boy that was walking the wall walked over to the side walk, started kicking his legs like he was stretching, and then wiped off the bottom of his shoe. What was he doing? I sat there, watching curiously... And then out of no where, he ran full speed to the first wall, jumped over it...

New Year’s Eve in Thailand

It was New Years Eve and we were in Pattaya, Thailand. We flagged down a guy on a motorcycle to drive us to town for US$2. As we were approaching the busy scene, I noticed there were a ton of stars out that night... stars that were really bright... and close... and moving... ??

Blue Point Brewery, Long Island, NY

If you happen to be on Long Island, you should definitely stop by one of my favorite breweries for some free beer and free tours! If you don't want to stick around for a tour, no worries... Unlike other brewery tours, at Blue Point Brewery, the beer is still free to enjoy! The Blue Point...

Fundy Bay Café

Fundy Bay Café in Hillsborough, New Brunswick, Canada – About 20 minutes north of the Hopewell Cape Rocks on route 114.  Don’t drive too fast through this small town or you might miss it!  Coming from the north [going towards The Hopewell Cape Rocks], Fundy Bay Café is on the right...

World Cup Luck

I didn’t plan on being in Europe during the World Cup. I just booked a ticket and it just so happened that it worked out that way. I turned out to be pretty lucky when it came to being in the right place at the right time for the 2010 World Cup games! Read about my experiences in Denmark...

Arrested in Amsterdam

A crazy night in Amsterdam: making a new friend, dealing with crazy people, and then shortly afterwards having your new friend accidentally arrested. Woops! Sorry, my friend! Lesson learned.

Hitchhiking From Hamburg to Amsterdam

So I didn’t want to pay 86 Euros to take a train to Amsterdam and 50+ Euros for a bus.  I was informed about the following website: www.mitfahrzentrale.de This website connects people that plan on driving between cities with people that need rides to/from those cities… It’s like...