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American vs. British English

One would think that speaking English to another native English speaker would be 100% natural... Well, it's not when there are so many words that are completely different! Here is a list to help you!

“London Parkour 2010”

The boy that was walking the wall walked over to the side walk, started kicking his legs like he was stretching, and then wiped off the bottom of his shoe. What was he doing? I sat there, watching...

London, England

Whether you’re into the historic side, or dig more modern scenes, London has is all: museums, pubs, night life, historic land marks, etc.   Do London Right! Here are some of the top (more...

London Bus System

The London bus system really irritated me.  I couldn’t figure it out at all!  The signs at the bus stops didn’t help because it lists every station but not where those stations are.  The map that I...