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Tag - travel tips

Live a Routine Life From Out of Your Car!

Think about how little time you actually spend in your apartment… You’re paying for a place to “live”, but most of your time there is spent sleeping! Ever wonder what it would be like to life your same life, day-by-day, but from out of your car?! It's really not bad at all - Learn how to...

Live Simply

In the beginning of 2013, I moved to Seattle… for no reason at all except “why not?” Without too much thought, I put in my car what I needed.  Looking back on it, it’s incredible how little I had… incredibly refreshing… In my car, driving across the U.S...

Life-Style vs. Vacation

Ever read travel magazines or watch travel shows and wonder how travelers afford such a relaxing and luxurious life style all year-round? I bet you think that you need to win the lottery in order to travel and NOT work...and to NOT worry about expenses... Well, you're wrong. If you're...

Buying/Selling a Campervan in Australia

Australia, if you haven’t noticed, is a big country – the more land to cover, the more time and transportation is needed.  However, Australia is a very expensive country so accommodation and transportation will cost you… Because of this, a lot of travelers that visit Australia buy a van...

East vs. West

Planning on traveling around the world? Do you know which direction to travel? Most people pick the same direction, I choose differently for one great reason! Find out which direction to travel in to make the most out of your trip!

Cruise Cheaper Than Flying

I bet when you’re trying to decide how to make a vacation affordable, you don’t expect to even consider taking a cruise. However, you should! There is a secret to cruising that makes it even more affordable than other means of transportation.