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Seattle Summer Solstice Parade!

What did YOU do to welcome summer time? I bet you didn't get completely naked, paint yourself, and then ride your bike up and down city streets! However, this is what people in Seattle do to welcome the summer sun!

USA National Parks

Above is a map of national parks (and some cities), that are my recommendations to visit. BLACK ICONS mean to DEFINITELY VISIT if you’re in the US!! It’d be a shame to not see… GREY ICONS mean to VISIT IF YOU HAVE TIME (not as typical to visit by tourists). . I think if...

Route 2, WA

A 1.5 hour drive... Gorgeous scenery consisting of the a lush landscape and snow-capped mountains that tower overhead. As you climb in elevation towards Stevens Pass, the last half hour of the drive is like a winter wonderland. Pretty much instantly, the landscape goes from everything...

USA & Canada Road Trip!

Planning on taking a road trip through the U.S. and Canada? Learn everything you'll need to know to travel across the U.S. for as cheap as possible! How to sleep out of your car, where to shower, what to see, etc. You'll definitely want to check this out before your USA adventure!

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Located right outside of Colorado Springs, "Garden of the Gods" is a free attraction for visitors and locals to enjoy. Observe the interesting rock formations from the car, or park and go on a hike!

Sequoia National Park, California

Sequoia National Park is home to the largest tree in the world [see below].  There are wider trees [in Africa] and taller trees [in the Redwood Forest], but General Sherman is the largest tree BY VOLUME [meaning, overall mass].  It’s pretty impressive! General Sherman: . Other...

Maui’s Bamboo Forest

On the island of Maui there is a bamboo forest that is a great day hike! Enjoy amazing scenery, a picturesque waterfall, and, of course, the bamboo forest! The scenery consists views over of a lush rain forest... The waterfall is so tall and you get so close to it, that it's hard to even...