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Tamanawas Falls

on Route 35

Mt Hood, OR 97041

DISTANCE = 3.4 miles

Tamanawas Falls is located just a short drive from Mt. Hood on Route 35. (if you’re on 26, turn north onto 35).

It’s a really great hike. Far enough that it feels really rewarding at the end (but not too far that it’ll take hours), well marked trail, cleared pathway, amazing waterfall at the end.

Well… That’s not entirely true. The trail used to be 100% clear and easy, but due to a rock-slide, there’s a part of the trail that is now a rock scramble (where you must climb up and over big boulders)… But don’t worry, it’s really not difficult. They did a really good job marking the trail with temporary signs and clearing the trail the best they could (see below).

As for the amazing waterfall at the end, that is 100% true! Just looking at Tamanawas Falls is worth the trek in, but you can also walk behind it! I really enjoyed that. You’ll get a bit of spray on your way in (a light mist), but once you’re behind it, it’s completely dry and a pretty cool spot to hang out and rest for a bit.

For a full PNW map with more details, CLICK HERE

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Hey You!

Has anyone done this hike recently? Are the boulders still there?

Has anyone does this hike in the winter? Is it even open in the winter?

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