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The Most Dangerous Road in the World

Once declared as the most dangerous road in the world, the route from La Paz to Coroico drops steeply, with 200-300 fatalities a year.

The road’s actual name is “North Yungas Road,” although you’re hear everyone refer to it as “The Death Road.”

If you’re bit of a dare devil, then you can rent a mountain bike and cycle the entire route to Coroico. If you rent a bike from a tour company, it’s pretty “safe” (well, safeR than if you try to do this alone) because they follow along with a van in case anything happens.

When I did the tour, my hands were KILLING ME because of holding the brakes on the bike so much. I actually had to stop and rest, so I rode in the van for a mile or so while the others continued cycling.

Also, you don’t have to cycle BACK – the tour is just one way and then they drive you back to La Paz. Actually, the drive back was the terrifying part because the road is the width of the van with a sheer drop straight down to certain death. But hey, I survived – and I even got a T-shirt to prove it!

A bit wrinkled because they’ve been squooshed at the bottom of a backpack:

I actually didn’t take many pictures since I was on the bike almost the entire time, but here is a link to book a tour and check out some pictures of the tours.

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