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Things Difficult to Find in Mallorca

Difficult to Find in Mallorca.

I’ve complied a list of things that I’ve found nearly impossible to find in Mallorca (or anywhere in Spain, for that matter). Hopefully this will help you if you’re planning on traveling to Spain and use any of these products! :)



Aluminum-Free Deodorant

I don’t like to wear metal filled antiperspirant.  Typically, I tend to stick to Tom’s deodorant or other natural deodorants… I couldn’t find any in Mallorca.  Bring a few sticks to last you for the year!

(Specific) Hairspray Products

Of course there is hairspray in Mallorca, but most of them are brands I have never heard of.  I have tried a lot of them and they are awful – sticky, and non-existent in just a few hours.  But my hair NEEDS hair products (or else I look like Mufasa from The Lion King – which I have been called before by complete strangers) – you might not be as dependent on hair products as I am… Nevertheless, here is what I couldn’t find:

  • Aussie sprunch spray (the big purple bottle)
  • Travel-sized hair spray of a quality brand (such as Tresemme)
Non-applicator Tampons

I’m not trying to get to personal here, but a lot of girls have complained about not being able to find these.  All the tampons in the stores near me in Mallorca have applicators (plastic or cardboard). The non-applicator kind DO exist, but I have found they are difficult to find.  Over winter break, I brought back a whole bag full of them to last me the rest of the year… and I plan on doing the same when I return for year #2.

This is just something that when I NEED it, I do not want to be running around the island on a scavenger hunt look for the one store that might sell it (and relying on buses to get there)!


Food & Baking

Cranberry Sauce

I don’t know about you, but cranberry sauce is my very favorite thing at Thanksgiving… it’s also very difficult to find.  If you do happen to find it, it’s expensive and whole berry (not the jellied deliciousness with the outline of the can on it).

Brown Sugar

I made a few batches of chocolate chip cookies that called for brown sugar… stores have sugar that is brown, but they do not have what we Americans call “brown sugar” which is a wet, packed consistency.

Cup Measurements

Europeans bake by weighing the ingredients – not measuring by volume… they use grams, not cups. I brought a box of brownie mix back and forgot that the water and oil that I needed to add was in cups (and I didn’t have a cup measure).

Granted, you can use any “cup” you have in the house, as long as you use the same “cup” for the entire recipe to keep the same proportions… but if the recipe has eggs or other ingredients that aren’t measured by “cup,” then this proportion trick goes right out the window.

Kettle Corn

Popcorn in general was difficult for me to find. And then once I found it, it was kind of expensive. One bag of popcorn is about $1.50.  Nevertheless, butter is pretty much the only option.

Good Beer

I just wanted to put this on the list because good beer is dear to my heart and Spain’s beer selection might be the worst in the entire world. I highly doubt you’re going to pack bottles of quality beer for your trip, but I just wanted to prepare all the craft beer nuts out there for what you’re about to get into! I feel for you :(



They Do Exist!

It took me a lot of trial and error and asking around, but the following products do exist in most every store… you just have to know what to look for!

Baking Soda = Bicarbonato
Baking Powder = Levadura
Peanut Butter = Mantequilla de Cacahuate

Peanut butter is in most stores, but it’s super expensive (and is usually in the import or ethnic section of the supermarket).  A jar about the size of a teacup is about $6.



Have other suggestions of what you couldn’t find while living in Mallorca? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list! Thanks for the help :)



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