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Must Have Travel Gear

Here is a list of the exact products I use while traveling the world! I think they are the best and most durable!

Traveler Quiz

Are you a trailblazer, thrill-seeker, pampered princess, or a vacationer who just wants to escape the daily grind? Find out with this quiz!

Travel Checklist

It took me a few years of traveling, but I think I finally mastered a perfect travel list! Find out exactly what to bring and what to avoid when exploring the world!

Find Inexpensive Accommodation!

Find ways to travel that incorporate where you're going to rest your head. If you can figure that out, you're set! And options aren't limited to just "hotel or hostel"... Get creative, save a ton of...

Best Travel Apps

If you're traveling with a smart phone, you might want to take a look at what I consider to be the most useful apps to make traveling easier.