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Find Cheap Flights!

Cheapest flights for where you want to go! Use this list of websites to help you plan your next getaway! Don't care where you go? Then fly anywhere!

Live a Routine Life From Out of Your Car!

Think about how little time you actually spend in your apartment… You’re paying for a place to “live”, but most of your time there is spent sleeping! Ever wonder what it would be like to life your...

Live Simply

In the beginning of 2013, I moved to Seattle… for no reason at all except “why not?” Without too much thought, I put in my car what I needed.  Looking back on it, it’s...

Life-Style vs. Vacation

Ever read travel magazines or watch travel shows and wonder how travelers afford such a relaxing and luxurious life style all year-round? I bet you think that you need to win the lottery in order to...

Gas Prices Worldwide

Ever wonder how much you're paying at the pump when you're in a foreign country? Or perhaps even sitting at home you're curious as to what other people around the world pay to get to and from work...

Outlets Worldwide

Interactive map of outlets / adapters for every country worldwide. Which do YOU need for your next adventure?

East vs. West

Planning on traveling around the world? Do you know which direction to travel? Most people pick the same direction, I choose differently for one great reason! Find out which direction to travel in to...

Hobo Sleeping

There are a lot of expenses when traveling. Skip the hotels and hostels and think outside the bedroom! Literally.