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To the Whale Tail!

Just a relatively short hike from our hostel (The Flutterby House) is the beach… A really awesome beach where the waves come from two sides and form the beach in the shape of a whale tail.

This beach is only accessible at low tide, so the hostel posts tide times by the desk so you can plan your day accordingly.

We walked out to the “tail” and then saw rain clouds from all directions (not exaggerating). Left, right, and in front of us (out at sea). We started walking back, but all 3 rain clouds seemed to merge directly over us for one crazy down pour.

We ducked into a small shack, which turned out to be the guard shack (but they were off duty). Two other tourists followed suit with this good idea of shelter, so we made two new friends (from Boston and Canada).

I had some bottles of beer in my bag (duh), so we sat at the guard shack, drank craft beer, laughed with new friends, and waited out the storm.

Later that night, we went back to our favorite restaurant in Uvita, Osa Thyme, and had a blast with our new friends. Paige and Tito were amazing, once again, and gave us all 3 free rounds of drinks =)

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