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Travel-Nut vs. The Homebody


A young man who has never really been out of his home country – USA. Not only has he never been out of the country, but he pretty much hasn’t been outside of the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington states).

When I met Garrett, in 2013, he was as happy as a peach with his life in Seattle – good friends, had his dream job, set his own schedule, was making the most money he’s ever made, was the healthiest and most fit he’s ever been, etc. etc. Garrett was completely content with life, and traveling was no where on the radar.

He had never thought about traveling at all. Things were great in his life, and he had never really traveled before, so yeah – why would that even be a thought?


Because he met me.



So what happens when a travel-enthusiast with itchy feet and a completely content homebody live under the same roof?

Point-blank conversations that are surprisingly similar to the 5 Stages of Grief. I guess anyone going through this metamorphosis grieves the loss of their old life – no matter how awesome their life already was.



I can’t just drop everything and go traveling!  Why not?

Because things are great here.  One has nothing to do with the other.  Besides, traveling is better.

But I don’t have a passport.  Get one.

I have absolutely no travel clothes or gear.  Buy some.

I don’t have enough money.  You don’t need much.

Well, I’d like more.  Well then spend less, and save up!


02a» CONFUSION (How I’ve Traveled)

So, you just stay at strangers’ houses?  Basically, yes.

And you just buy a one-way ticket?  Yes.

Where would we go?  Who knows. Where ever we want at the time…

You don’t plan where you go?!  Nope, not at all.

And you hitchhike?  Yup.

And you’re able to pack everything you could possibly need in one bag for a year?! Pretty much.


02b» CONFUSION (Now Including Himself)

Where are we going to stay?  With Couchsurfers, most likely.

What about money while we travel?  Live off the money of you have saved – but ideally you’d want to set up a job where you can work from your iPad and any free WiFi we can find.

What about our furniture here?  We’ll get rid of it.  It’s all free from Craigslist, so I don’t care about it.

What about my car?  Either sell it or keep it parked at a friend’s house…



I’d like to save money for at least year.  A year?!  Ugh – I’ll give you 8 months.

What about renting an apartment for part of the time instead of always staying with Couchsurfers?  Yeah, that sounds awesome.



What if I don’t like it?  Not sure what to tell you, but I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.

If I don’t like it, are you going to just travel alone?  Yes.



What kind of sleeping bag should I get?  A 3-season or so and one that packs up the smallest.

How many T-shirts should I bring?  Doesn’t matter; just a few; white will get dirty faster than you can imagine; just bring enough to make a few outfits and wear in multiple ways (hiking, semi-dressy, etc.)

I can’t wait to get out of here, on the road, on a beach, completely free!!!  :)



The previous conversation segments have been over the course of 8 months. Garrett is now on the “Acceptance Stage.” Actually, I think he’s beyond these “grief” stages, and is now on to other stages such as “beyond excited with anticipation.”

So if you don’t think you can travel because     (insert any excuse here)    , GET OVER IT!! Really, you just need to get over your excuses and just make it happen!


I understand that it would be REALLY difficult to take this giant leap on your own without me pushing you (like I did with Garrett), but if you want my help, advice, nudge, etc., feel free to contact me :)

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