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Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington is the capital of NEW ZEALAND and a fun and interesting city. Wellington is the southernmost city on the North Island and also where the ferry leaves from in order to get to the South Island [arriving in Picton – the Northernmost city of the South Island].

What to Do/See


Cuba Street.  The main walking street in the city.  Jam packed with restaurants, bars, fun art pieces, stores, etc.


Old Fashion Tram. Take the old fashioned tram up the hill that’s right on the edge of town and walk down for about NZ$3 or buy a round-trip ticket for NZ$6 [New Zealand students can buy a round-trip ticket for NZ$2]


The hill that tram goes up has many fun things such as a gift shop, a café, an observatory, and the botanical gardens.  But my favorite thing that I did at the top of the hill was climbing a huge cylindrical tree.  This tree was so great – it was easy to climb and the top is amazing because you’re able to sit on the top branches and see all of Wellington.  It’s really the best view you could possibly get and all people on the ground just 2 meter below you seem miles away.


Parliament Tour.  Nicknamed “The Beehive” due to its unique shape.  Free tours are given every day to the general public.  The tour is an hour long, starts with a 20 minute video, and then finishes with a tour through three buildings of parliament.  The tour guide explains the history and how parliament is run today.


Te Papa… is a great interactive museum about New Zealand’s history.  Oh, and unlike most museums, this one is completely FREE! Enjoy.  I sure did!


Weta Workshop. If you’re a fan of The Lord of the Rings, then you might be interested in checking out the Weta Workshop.  This is where the costumes are made for LOTR and other famous movies.  In the Weta Workshop there is a small display room showing off what they have made for famous movies, gifts you can buy such as T-shirts, books, games, pins, etc. and there is also a movie theater where you can watch how the costumes are designed and made in the back of the Weta Workshop.  The back of the Weta Workshop is not open to the public because they are always making something for some new movie that is being filmed so due to copy write laws…




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