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So you’re planning on traveling… clothes are picked out, bags are starting to get packed, passports are set aside, money and ATM cards are ready to go, and then… SH*T!!! Will my hairdryer and laptop work?!!! No worries. This is the fastest way to see which plug-adapter you’ll need in order to use and charge your electronics.

Do YOU know which outlet is used where you plan on traveling to? Be 100% sure! Check the map, match the color, then click the corresponding letter.

★ Countries that use plug types A & B
★ Countries that use plug types C, E, & F (which are 100% compatible with each other)
★ Countries that use plug type D
★ Countries that use the plug type G (British)
★ Israel uses plug types C & H
★ Australia, China, & Argentina use type I
★ Switzerland & Rwanda use types C & J
★ Greenland & Denmark use types C & K
★ Italy & Chile use types C & K
★ South Africa uses type M (no alternative)
★ Brazil uses types C & N
★ Thailand uses types C & O


Click on a letter below to see the type of plug you’ll need »

If the map is unclear, then use this list!
Mobile devices, turn sideways for better viewing of the chart!

List by Country »


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