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Copenhagen to Hamburg

via train [Copenhagen, Denmark to Hamburg, Germany]

One-way ticket from Copenhagen to Hamburg: ~$50

At Copenhagen train station, I asked about the Eurail Pass.  I knew it was a lot of money from when I researched it in the States but figured I’d ask just in case there were any special deals buying it face-to-face in Europe… There weren’t; the prices were just as expensive.

The trains are nice with outlets for laptops and the internet – but the internet costs money [about $5 or $6 per half hour], unfortunately so yeah… the trains have outlets!

The train went on a boat!  It pulled right onto the boat, parked, all the passengers got off [for safety reasons] and then walked around the amazing ship for about 45 minutes.  There were shops, a grocery store, cafés, a food court, places to sit and read, etc.  It was pretty amazing.

Once the train pulls onto the boat, use the 45 minutes to talk to people.  Get advice on where to go, what to see, etc.  If you need to go further than Hamburg, then maybe they’ll be able to help with that as well.  Socializing is the best way to stumble on something amazing.

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