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Postojnska Cave, Slovenia

Getting to the Cave

The bus from Trieste, Italy to Postojna, Slovenia cost me €6.
Once you get off of the bus in Postojna, walk about a block in the same direction the bus was headed, and follow the main road for about 15 minutes. You’ll see signs for the cave along the way (take a look at my map).



There are hotels in town, and there’s one hotel located at the cave (Hotel Jama)… But if you don’t want to stay in town (I didn’t), then it’s really easy to just see the cave quickly and leave directly after. The town is nothing exciting, it’s not worth staying. Ljubljana is about an hour bus ride down the road and one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever been in! Keep moving!


Stash Your Backpack

If you’re choosing the correct choice, and not staying in town, then you’ll need to stash your backpack somewhere for a few hours… What I did was I walked to the first hotel I saw, which was Hotel Kras, and asked if I could keep my backpack there just for a few hours while I walked to the cave.  They were super nice and let me do that for free. It was a very nice hotel, so I felt it was very safe there.


Center map
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Tour Price and Time

P_20180621_143652-1200 #2You can sign up for a few different tours. I did the basic tour, which is in English. It cost me €25.80 and you’ll get a time in which you need to meet the tour guide and your group at the front of the cave. My time was at 15:30, so I had to find that sign about 10 minutes before the start of the tour.

While you’re waiting for the tour to start, there’s a cafe and gift shop right there. You can hang out, get a snack, and charge your devices.


Inside the Cave


The cave is “cold” inside, so definitely bring a jacket! It was incredibly hot outside, in the middle of the summer, but inside the cave is really chilly.

Fun Fact: Did you know that all caves stay at a constant temperature all year? Yup! Caves are always the average temperature of that area. So since Slovenia gets really cold in the winter time, the cave is pretty cool even in the summer time!

Train Ride

To get into the depths of the cave, you need to take a train (or else walk more than a few kilometers)… The train is fun, it’s like a minor roller coaster into the earth.


Have you been here? Did I miss something? Let me know if you have something you’d like to add! I want to hear other people’s experiences!




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